Are Sell And Rent Back Schemes A Rip Off?

There is no doubt that banks and other lenders are making it more difficult to borrow money to finance a mortgage. Thousands of consumers across the country are starting to realise that loan companies, banks, credit card companies and mortgage lenders are slowly choking the supply of available cash.

First-time buyers are finding it more difficult to save a reasonable sized deposit, and even when they do it can sometimes be a strain to get a reasonable mortgage offer. In addition, many first-time buyers, who took out their mortgage two or three years ago, find it difficult to place a remortgage.

This all this began, last year over in America, with the so-called sub-prime mortgage crisis. This crisis rippled around the world, as many of the companies who were putting money into this risky market, were based all on other continents including Europe and the UK.

Because so many mortgage lenders lost so much money in the crisis they either don’t have the money to lend or are nervous about current lending conditions. All is not lost there are still lenders out there who can assist with mortgages and remortgages it is often just a matter of finding a competent broker.

One aspect of this crisis is that many people are turning to different measures, including the much talked about sell-and-buy-or-rent-back deals. Research has shown that where there is an affordability gap these types of deals that particularly popular, especially with younger mortgage holders.

This is a relatively new idea; even a few years ago no one sold their home, to a company then rented it back. These days its a huge business with a sizeable share of the mortgage finance market.

These schemes can be a good solution for many people having problems but the sell and rent back system but there is no doubt that this controversial way of holding on to your home is not for everybody.

There are many reasons why people turn to this system, usually when they are in a large amount of debt. They may take this option, rather than being repossessed or perhaps they’re getting divorced, and can not afford the mortgage on their own.

If done through a reputable company the schemes can prove useful, although there are some less savoury operators in this market.

Last month, the dramatic change of heart by lenders, who pulled back from the under 125% mortgage market. Many companies that this within the space of just a few days with implication that they’ll feel that this is now a difficult market.

This way of holding on to your house may be of benefit to many people. What is essential to find a respected company to deal with this extremely important transaction.

It should also be pointed out that there are other options such as debt consolidation mortgages and general second mortgages that can be of great assistance to many people who are having difficulties.

Sell and rent back should possibly not be the first choice for most people. Having payment difficulties or debt problems, a second mortgage may be slightly difficult to obtain, but they are available from reputable brokers.


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